Funky Chemist is an organ trio that fuses funky grooves with heavy guitar and adds a strand of psychedelic rock into what would otherwise be categorized as a jazz act. The music is most influenced by Stanton Moore Trio, Soulive, Dr. Lonnie Smith and The Meters.

Funky Chemist just released their first collection of songs 3/27/20. The band recorded with Ric Probst at Tanner-Monagle, Gary Tanin at Daystorm mastered the album, and the eight track effort clocks in at just under 38 minutes. The release has been well recieved and has looks from several outlets:

The Shepherd Express - Funky Chemist Cook Up Some New Grooves
"an infectious mix of funk, psychedelic rock and jazz."

JAZZIZ Magazine Song of the Day (Pirate's Alley)

American Pancake
"neo jazz - absolute funk burner"

Last Day Deaf "Vital"
"A “crunchy”, delicious neo-jazz/funk nugget; Groove on!"

Reignland Magazine
"A wonderful soul-filled track"

JAZZIZ Magazine "New Music Monday" (City to City)

Jammerzine "First Listen"
"musical setup to something splendid and wonderful"

Groove Generator CD - $9.99

Tee or Tank

Funky Chemist features Jeno Somlai on Hammond Organ, Daniel Nathan on Guitar (and Flute), and Andy Blochowiak on Drums. Jeno has toured North America with various acts, and can currently be seen with The Donna Woodall Group, La Chazz (Chicago Jazz Fest), Abraxas, Dan Dance, Wade Fernandez, Steve Cohen and Luis Diaz. Daniel currently tours with the Guns N' Roses tribute Nightrain International and has recently performed in Ecuador, Guatemala, Southwest Asia, and the Dominican Republic. Andy has a Bachelor’s of Music Degree from UW-Milwaukee, performs frequently at corporate gigs, and works in music education.

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